Movin’ on up…

well not really up….more like out….yup! You heard that right! I’m REALLY putting my big girl pants on and moving out! I’m mixed emotions about it all right now. I know it’s the next step (and I’m almost 22) but I really enjoy living at home with my family and spending time with them every day…..i’m only moving about 15 minutes away, but it’s still a transition! We prob wont be moving into a place until June so that gives me plenty of time to figure it all out! and acquire some furniture…

I made a sun dress the other day & I looove it! I purchased some more fabric so I can make a few more! I’m tired of going shopping and being less than thrilled with the dresses or the way the dresses fit. However, Ann Taylor Loft just had a 40% off sale (but their prices are so jacked up the 40% off was actually just their real prices…but shhh I love the illusion…) and I scored some sweet stuff! I justified it all with I’m moving out soon so it’s my last hurraahh before I can’t afford to go clothing shopping anymore. Totally works.


It’s Britney, b!tch…

I ran tonight for the first time since the tragic “Icantbreatheandmykidneyisfailing” night – here’s to hoping excercise is not the problem. I also did my whole run to whatever Britney Spears has accumulated on my ipod since high school = A LOT. I wanted to finally listen to her new album, but I bought till the world ends as a single so it was not going to play if I did the album playlist – oh the troubles in my life….ANYWAYS it was AWESOME!

Thanks Brit! Now if only listening gave me those abs too…

April = practice for hurricane season here in FL. The weather radio has gone off every day with severe weather warnings and tornado alerts. I guess mother nature wants to make sure we dont think shes been playing nice – hopefully she continues to and we have another good season!

oh! I am signing up for the Health Unit Coordinator Certification course at school in the fall. It’s 13 weeks and prepares you for the national exam to work in the hospitals as a HUC! I think it will be great to do that while I finish up my prereqs!

hmm..I guess its bed time….aiming for the gym in the morning……it always sounds better the night before….

The Band Perry


Oh, Hi!

Its been exactly one week since my last post & guess what came back to haunt me at 1:30am? Yup, only this time it was accompanied by severe upper back pain & then it moved around to my lower chest…yay! not so much…I literally stayed up all night & contemplated the ER after I convinced myself my gallbladder has a disease or my kidneys must be failing….instead I sipped some water, let out a few burps that shattered the sound barrier and waited… im still waiting & it still hurts at 2pm – not quite as bad, but its still a dull ache. FRUSTRATING.

Aside from last night (early this morning?) It’s been a great week!

Got a lot of stuff done & had some pretty great meals! My parents are out of town so we’ve had full run of the kitchen!

I’m going to go back to vegging out….real housewives of orange county is on…

Down for the count…

This morning I woke up at 5 to this tightness in my chest. It felt like a rubber band was squeezing my rib cage…I thought maybe I was just groggy, so I rolled over and fell back asleep. I woke up again at 7 to it feeling even worse! At this point I got up and could tell it was a real feeling, and it HURT. I’ve never had heartburn before so I thought maybe it was that….I immediatly googled it and the symptoms just didnt fit…So I propped myself up and got a glass of water to sip thinking maybe it is heartburn…I dont know, it wont hurt to try treating it that way. It started to feel a little bit better & I fell back asleep knowing that my original plan to go to spin at 8:30 and strong class afterwords was out the window….I woke up feeling better, still tight but not as much & now at 3pm i’m still feeling tight. I also have a sore throat, but only on one side? I dont know what is wrong with me, but I do know i’ve spent almost all day in my bed….not how I wanted to spend my saturday at all 😦 Not to mention its BEAUTIFUL beach weather! Oh well, I guess when your body is waking you up at all hours of the night its REALLY trying to tell you something, so I better listen!

I did try pilates for the first time on thursday & my upper abs are super sore, like bruised feeling sore….maybe that has something to do with the tightness?

I’m hoping to do a big grocery shop later today, but it might have to wait until tomorrow when I get out of work. I have no idea what to get to make for dinners all week….but I do know were going to do some seared ahi tuna with salads on monday! yum!

Hopefully tomorrow things will all feel back to normal & I can get a good run in! I hate being stuck inside….

St. Patricks Day

Hello! Happy St. Patricks Day! The one day a year its okay to wear lots of green, drink WAY too much, and celebrate being irish – even if you aren’t irish!

Since I live in one of the top 5 drinking cities in the country St. Patricks Day is a 3 day event around here. That’s right, three days of green beer, green clothes, and all around shenaigins…This is the first year I am legally of age to celebrate, baahahaa! (I’ll be 22 in 2 months – where did 21 go?) But I don’t know if we will be celebrating 😦 AND I don’t have anything green??? How does that happen?!


Pooooooo! It’s only Tuesday?! I woke up thinking it was Friday, not that weekends have any significance in my part-time working life, but hey, Friday still has that “friday” feeling! Oh well…Yesterday was highly uneventful, I decided to go running around 1:50 because the weather has been GORGEOUS and I could not pass it up. About a mile out I stopped to fix my ipod, it was repeating every song twice & I could not take it anymore, that’s when I looked at the time, and remembered I had to be at work at 3 = I had to be showered, dressed (looking halfway decent since I was working at the clothing store, not the gym) and out the door by 2:30! YIKES! I made it, and I was clean, but I think I was still sweating….gross…that’s probably why nobody stood to close to me, or wanted my help with anything….fine by me, I don’t want to help you anyway! kidding….sort of….

Today I’m working the same hours, but at the gym which means I get to run in a different place today!! I’m LOVING the time change, the extra sunlight is awesome! I don’t really have a plan yet, so I’m just running to keep in shape/get in shape? I can’t really tell at this point. I’m not running for time or mileage, I’m just sort of going as far out as I feel & then turning around hoping I can at least crawl back….I think I’m going to sign up for a 5k in April so all my *cough* hard work doesn’t go to waste.

The dress I was making (yeah, I know how to sew & when I can’t find something I like, I try to make it instead) doesn’t fit, AT ALL….something went terribly wrong so now I have to start all over….its worth it though because it is going to be the perfect summer dress! A little bit fancier for occasions when brushing your hair & peeling off your sweatpants are highly recommended! It’s just going to be a major pain in the REAR until then!

Time to go get ready for work….ugh….
Does anyone else love their lounge clothes as much as I do? I get more excited over a new pair of yoga pants than I do over a new dress.
Does anyone else know a skill that not many people use anymore? Like making your own clothes?