Anybody still out there??
I decided to start this bad boy over! I dont know why…I just felt like it!

Is everyone excited to be back to school?! I am, and i’m not….prob because I went all summer! Anyone taking any exciting classes, like study abroad?! That would be awesome! I’m taking math, humanities, and environmental science….this is probably going to be the least exciting semester ever…but they are required classes so I had to get them out of the way eventually!

The triathalon is in October! But unless the bike fairy delivers a bike to my front door in the middle of the night tonight, I dont think i’ll be participating 😦 BUT! That doesnt mean i’m not still running and swimming! I went for a 2mi run yesterday afternoon and a 30min swim after work last night! Its been a few weeks and i’m a little stiff all over. Yoga class here I come!! I love yoga! Its so peaceful and it really stretches me out!

The boyfriend and I went on our trip….it was okay…we didnt get to go to NYC (the number one thing I wanted to do!) until the last day!!! And we left before we even got to eat dinner 😦 It was still wonderful to be in the city! I really love it there! I went to a whole foods for the very first time while we were there and had the hot bar for lunch! I think I would be BROKE if I lived near one….good thing the closest one is 1.5 hours away!

Farmers Market! Ahhh! I wanted to take all the fruit and veggies home!

We spent a lot of time wandering around central park

I have so many pictures! I believe we took 60 total! Talk about tourists!

Alrighty, time for some homework and then yoga class and some running!


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