It’s been awhile, huh?
YEA……it’s been awhile for a few things…
I’m out of shape..
I’m desperately seeking yoga, I need you back in my lifeee!
My stomach hates me, thank you new ice cream shop down the street…
I havent baked in 2 weeks, TWO WEEKS!
I have mid terms starting next week & waaaay behind on reading…

UGH. It’s not a good idea to disconnect from your priorities one to many weeks in a row.

I’m taking yoga at 9:30 am & checking out a new studio down the street!
I’m baking cupcakes for a preschool thing!
I may or may not be using a coupon at ann taylor loft tomorrow, what, it’s next door to the gym…
I’m not working all weekend = LOTS of homework time!

It’s starting to feel a little like fall in the morning & at night! Can’t wait for late october! I LOVE FALL! I need to move out of FL to know what its really like though..

ohh…I’m also a new proud parent of a bento box! Cant wait to try it!

How has everyone been?
Is there any kind of exercise, class, etc you miss after it’s been awhile?
What’s your favorite season?!



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