A New Year…


It’s been a little while, once again…I have a baking blog now! So all the cupcakes & sweet treats will be over there! Although, there might be some BIG changes in the near future for both my little blogs!

Merry Christmas everyone!! I cant believe another year has gone by! I’m very excited to start a new year though!
I have a few goals for 2011…
1. Run a half marathon!  The ragnar relay proved to me that I can deffinatly do it! I need to get over my fear that i’m not going to make it, I will! There is one in feb that I hope to be ready for!
2. Run another RAGNAR! This relay was SO MUCH FUN! I cannot wait to do another! Central FL was my first one and I learned a lot! I cant wait to do another one so I can incorporate all the things I learned and have an even better time!! It’s all about HAVING FUN & GOING FOR A RUN!
3. Save up for a road bike! The HF Triathalon is in October & I WILL be participating this year!

The boy & I are heading up north again on the 2nd. Its going to be FREEZING! I will have to take 10 days off…no gym & no outside running, Its just not safe to run when its snowing, esp for someone from FL in capris and plain running shoes. Last year I tried and fell HARD…i’d rather take time off and enjoy the trip than get hurt.

Speaking of the trip….Santa (aka the boy) delivered a J.Crew peacoat under my tree for NYC! There might have also been a ZoeChicco tiny initial necklace under there too!

I was just informed its bed time…gym at 6:30am! Lunch with Grammy, dinner with my bff, and going out with friends! Phew!


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