Happy New Year!

I’m a little behind

How about some roasted banana cupcakes with honey cinnamon frosting?

We’re still up north in PA. NYC was supposed to be today but we decided it would not be to much fun to walk around while it was SNOWING! So we stayed here & had a relaxed day….then went to the outlet mall….there may have been a coach cupcake key chain I just “had to have…”

On Wednesday we went to Philadelphia & FROZE our toes off walking around the city! It was a lot of fun even if I really couldn’t feel my toes! We saw the liberty bell & ate dinner at the hard rock cafe. I wanted to eat at the vegetarian place we passed (that looked amazing!) but I would have been majorly out voted…I did find the lululemon store!! I’ve never seen one before or any of their products. After contemplating buying the run:speed shorts forever I was very excited they had the pair I wanted to order & the were on SALE! Woo!

Dave took some awesome pictures of the city at night but they are on his camera & he forgot the cord….

We are crossing our fingers for NYC on monday. It’s supposed to continue to snow tomorrow but monday is looking perfect, sunny and 35! haha…

I can’t wait to get home to single layers of clothing & some nice running weather!



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