Coming home..


We made it back wednesday at 3am! Just missed a snow storm up north, thank goodness! I’m very happy to be back in Florida. I just wish it would stop being so cold here too! Where are the 70s?? Eh, well, cant complain toooo much…it’s still better than 2 feet of snow!

As soon as we got back it was straight to bed because thursday it was straight back to work. I’m very glad we did all our laundry before we headed home, I havent even had a chance to unpack yet! Everything is in a huge jumbled pile on the floor….tomorrow (well, technically today) I dont have to be at work until 8:30pm (one of my jobs is retail, its spring floorset) So that leaves all day to get organized!

My legs are itching to go on a run & I have not had the chance to go yet! Tomorrow I plan on knocking out however many miles my legs feel like going 🙂 Can’t wait to try out my new lululemon shorts!!


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