Clearwater Beach Birthday!

On Tuesday morning Dave & I left at 8:30 to head to Clearwater Beach for a Phillies spring training game. He’s a huge baseball fan, and an even bigger phillies fan, what better way to spend the day before your birthday! I told him I should get girlfriend of the year for all the research it took to find tickets (I really had no idea it would be so hard!) and keep it a secret until a week beforehand (only so he could take off work!) We made it to the stadium with an hour and a half to spare before the game started so we went to chipotle to grab some food to go, changed in the parking lot, and headed back to the stadium to find some parking and EAT! The whole experience was so much fun! I had no idea how relaxing it would be! We’ve already decided we are going to try to attend another spring training game for the team that plays here where we live.

The view from our seats, not bad except we were on the other team side!

Whats a baseball game without a beer!

Birthday boy!

After the game was over, and the phillies won! We headed to our hotel on the beach! After much research I was able to score a nice FL resident discount at a Quality Inn. I didn’t have high hopes for the hotel as it was just going to provide a place to sleep. However, when we got there I was quite surprised! The hotel was fantastic! Extremely clean and well taken care of! The people were so friendly and checking in and out was a breeze! The only down side was that our room was supposed to have a “partial gulf view” it sure was partial! There was a wall right in front of our balcony so we had to take turns standing in the one spot where you could see the gulf, it was by no means a deal breaker though – we weren’t there to stand on the balcony! After getting settled and stopping at the grocery store to get some essentials for dinner, lunch, snacks, etc. we fell asleep! Who new baseball would also take so much out of you! We woke up the next morning at 5:30 am thanks to our early bedtime! After waiting a few hours and eating some breakfast we headed to the beach & pool to soak up some sunshine! It was such a nice day out & I managed to even out my farmers tan! After we had successfully gotten our tan on it was time to eat some lunch and get ready for the rest of the birthday festivities! First up was miniature golf! It was a coincidence that there was a mini golf course right across the street & the birthday boy LOVES golf!

After the game we headed to dinner at Island Way. It was a beautiful restraunt located on the water in a marina and SO DELICIOUS! There was not one thing I would change (except the wind! it is SO windy on the gulf!) We ate outside on the deck, they had heat lamps and strings of white lights across the top! We had the ahi tuna and crab cake app. our dinners came with a great salad and warm bread.

Sea bass with king crab and wasabi mashed potatoes

Mahi mahi with a coconut curry and rice - this was the signature preparation, there was more to it I cant remember.

We ended the night with a trip down to the water & then headed to bed since we had to be up at 7 to get on the road by 8:30 since I had to be back to babysit. Over all it was a fantastic birthday celebration and mini vacation!


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