3 day winning streak!

Woo! 3 days in a row!
Today was a good one – Dave & I both had nowhere to be until 4! THIS NEVER HAPPENS. He works at a restaraunt & gym, I work at a gym, babysit, and a clothing store. The likely ness of both of us not working on a SATURDAY is slim to none. Thats probably why for the first time in the (almost) 2 years we’ve been together it happened!! We didnt even know until last night, had we known we could have planned something to celebrate spending a saturday like every other human being (until 4) but we didnt plan a thing & it was GREAT! (Dont even get me started on the fact that we have not once ever gone out on a “date” on a friday or saturday night..) We woke up early and decided to skip the gym and go for a run outside because its perfect out! Sunny, breezy….you know, FL doesn’t have seasons. After running we went to the grocery store, because it wouldn’t be a normal day for us without going…and then went to the BEACH! We never go to the beach, it’s always raining or cloudy or we’re to busy…etc. Its starting to sound like we never go anywhere except the grocery store…not true…..okay, mostly true….

Today at the beach I decided (he has to go along with it, because I said so…) that we should go camping in April. We bought all the stuff and went once & we need to go again. Now its starting to sound like we only go to the grocery store and on trips….esp. since I only ever seem to update this thing after we get back from a trip…mostly true…


3 responses to “3 day winning streak!

  1. Good luck with everything – sounds like a lot of excitement going on! What race are you looking at doing?

    • Thank you! Not yet, there are a lot to choose from here in FL….any recommendations, big race, little race?

      • I could recommend lots if you’re wanting to come out to SoCal or up north to (eh) Ohio. Or I could go on active.com, randomly pick one, and totally lie to you and tell you it’s the best thing since mint chocolate gu.

        I will say I’m a huge fan of small races, but the thrill/excitement from a big-name race is kind of cool, esp if it’s your first race.

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