Pooooooo! It’s only Tuesday?! I woke up thinking it was Friday, not that weekends have any significance in my part-time working life, but hey, Friday still has that “friday” feeling! Oh well…Yesterday was highly uneventful, I decided to go running around 1:50 because the weather has been GORGEOUS and I could not pass it up. About a mile out I stopped to fix my ipod, it was repeating every song twice & I could not take it anymore, that’s when I looked at the time, and remembered I had to be at work at 3 = I had to be showered, dressed (looking halfway decent since I was working at the clothing store, not the gym) and out the door by 2:30! YIKES! I made it, and I was clean, but I think I was still sweating….gross…that’s probably why nobody stood to close to me, or wanted my help with anything….fine by me, I don’t want to help you anyway! kidding….sort of….

Today I’m working the same hours, but at the gym which means I get to run in a different place today!! I’m LOVING the time change, the extra sunlight is awesome! I don’t really have a plan yet, so I’m just running to keep in shape/get in shape? I can’t really tell at this point. I’m not running for time or mileage, I’m just sort of going as far out as I feel & then turning around hoping I can at least crawl back….I think I’m going to sign up for a 5k in April so all my *cough* hard work doesn’t go to waste.

The dress I was making (yeah, I know how to sew & when I can’t find something I like, I try to make it instead) doesn’t fit, AT ALL….something went terribly wrong so now I have to start all over….its worth it though because it is going to be the perfect summer dress! A little bit fancier for occasions when brushing your hair & peeling off your sweatpants are highly recommended! It’s just going to be a major pain in the REAR until then!

Time to go get ready for work….ugh….
Does anyone else love their lounge clothes as much as I do? I get more excited over a new pair of yoga pants than I do over a new dress.
Does anyone else know a skill that not many people use anymore? Like making your own clothes?


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