Oh, Hi!

Its been exactly one week since my last post & guess what came back to haunt me at 1:30am? Yup, only this time it was accompanied by severe upper back pain & then it moved around to my lower chest…yay! not so much…I literally stayed up all night & contemplated the ER after I convinced myself my gallbladder has a disease or my kidneys must be failing….instead I sipped some water, let out a few burps that shattered the sound barrier and waited…..now im still waiting & it still hurts at 2pm – not quite as bad, but its still a dull ache. FRUSTRATING.

Aside from last night (early this morning?) It’s been a great week!

Got a lot of stuff done & had some pretty great meals! My parents are out of town so we’ve had full run of the kitchen!

I’m going to go back to vegging out….real housewives of orange county is on…


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