It’s Britney, b!tch…

I ran tonight for the first time since the tragic “Icantbreatheandmykidneyisfailing” night – here’s to hoping excercise is not the problem. I also did my whole run to whatever Britney Spears has accumulated on my ipod since high school = A LOT. I wanted to finally listen to her new album, but I bought till the world ends as a single so it was not going to play if I did the album playlist – oh the troubles in my life….ANYWAYS it was AWESOME!

Thanks Brit! Now if only listening gave me those abs too…

April = practice for hurricane season here in FL. The weather radio has gone off every day with severe weather warnings and tornado alerts. I guess mother nature wants to make sure we dont think shes been playing nice – hopefully she continues to and we have another good season!

oh! I am signing up for the Health Unit Coordinator Certification course at school in the fall. It’s 13 weeks and prepares you for the national exam to work in the hospitals as a HUC! I think it will be great to do that while I finish up my prereqs!

hmm..I guess its bed time….aiming for the gym in the morning……it always sounds better the night before….


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