Movin’ on up…

well not really up….more like out….yup! You heard that right! I’m REALLY putting my big girl pants on and moving out! I’m mixed emotions about it all right now. I know it’s the next step (and I’m almost 22) but I really enjoy living at home with my family and spending time with them every day…..i’m only moving about 15 minutes away, but it’s still a transition! We prob wont be moving into a place until June so that gives me plenty of time to figure it all out! and acquire some furniture…

I made a sun dress the other day & I looove it! I purchased some more fabric so I can make a few more! I’m tired of going shopping and being less than thrilled with the dresses or the way the dresses fit. However, Ann Taylor Loft just had a 40% off sale (but their prices are so jacked up the 40% off was actually just their real prices…but shhh I love the illusion…) and I scored some sweet stuff! I justified it all with I’m moving out soon so it’s my last hurraahh before I can’t afford to go clothing shopping anymore. Totally works.


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