Who are you?

Hi! I’m Lauren & I live in Florida! Somewhere on the East Coast in a tiny town, about an hour from Orlando! We moved here when I was 2 from Los Angeles so I consider myself southern grown, raised, still here……yea, I still live at home with my mom & dad, little brother, and three dogs. When it came time to choosing where to go to college in high school I WAS NOT READY, at all.

I decided to start at the local community college! It was the perfect choice for me & i’ve been able to try classes in a few different majors without having to drop major cash or commit to a single major. Last May I became a certified preschool teacher, but jobs are slim to none around here, esp. when you’ve never taught before. I am on the fence between majoring in early childhood education or becoming an ultrasound tech….and am kind of just finishing up my general education requirements before I make a decision. (and waiting on a few other bigger decisions to be made!)

I work at a gym, clothing store, and babysit, I like to work & stay busy! But when i’m not at work, studying, going to class, running, or at the gym I am most likely at the beach or in the kitchen baking!
There are currently a few BIG changes going on in my life & i’m just going along for the ride & training for a half marathon soon!


One response to “Who are you?

  1. Hey there lady – thanks for the nice comment on my race!! Looks like we have a lot of the same interests… athletics AND school – there are a lot of crossover classes between Athletic Training and Kinesiology. 🙂 What year in school are you, and where do you go? Good luck with everything!

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