Time warp

I feel less creepy listening to the Glee versions of Justin Bieber’s songs. Thank you Glee for covering them so I can add them to my running playlist & pretend i’m 13 while I run down the street.

"I'm like baby, baby, baby, nooo.."

Maybe they will cover the Backstreet Boys & the Spice Girls next, then my life, and my running playlist would be complete…or I could dig up my old hot pink walkman.


hmmm…i’m off to go do really important things, like contemplate which scrunchie will go with my outfit tomorrow.



3 day winning streak!

Woo! 3 days in a row!
Today was a good one – Dave & I both had nowhere to be until 4! THIS NEVER HAPPENS. He works at a restaraunt & gym, I work at a gym, babysit, and a clothing store. The likely ness of both of us not working on a SATURDAY is slim to none. Thats probably why for the first time in the (almost) 2 years we’ve been together it happened!! We didnt even know until last night, had we known we could have planned something to celebrate spending a saturday like every other human being (until 4) but we didnt plan a thing & it was GREAT! (Dont even get me started on the fact that we have not once ever gone out on a “date” on a friday or saturday night..) We woke up early and decided to skip the gym and go for a run outside because its perfect out! Sunny, breezy….you know, FL doesn’t have seasons. After running we went to the grocery store, because it wouldn’t be a normal day for us without going…and then went to the BEACH! We never go to the beach, it’s always raining or cloudy or we’re to busy…etc. Its starting to sound like we never go anywhere except the grocery store…not true…..okay, mostly true….

Today at the beach I decided (he has to go along with it, because I said so…) that we should go camping in April. We bought all the stuff and went once & we need to go again. Now its starting to sound like we only go to the grocery store and on trips….esp. since I only ever seem to update this thing after we get back from a trip…mostly true…

Clearwater Beach Birthday!

On Tuesday morning Dave & I left at 8:30 to head to Clearwater Beach for a Phillies spring training game. He’s a huge baseball fan, and an even bigger phillies fan, what better way to spend the day before your birthday! I told him I should get girlfriend of the year for all the research it took to find tickets (I really had no idea it would be so hard!) and keep it a secret until a week beforehand (only so he could take off work!) We made it to the stadium with an hour and a half to spare before the game started so we went to chipotle to grab some food to go, changed in the parking lot, and headed back to the stadium to find some parking and EAT! The whole experience was so much fun! I had no idea how relaxing it would be! We’ve already decided we are going to try to attend another spring training game for the team that plays here where we live.

The view from our seats, not bad except we were on the other team side!

Whats a baseball game without a beer!

Birthday boy!

After the game was over, and the phillies won! We headed to our hotel on the beach! After much research I was able to score a nice FL resident discount at a Quality Inn. I didn’t have high hopes for the hotel as it was just going to provide a place to sleep. However, when we got there I was quite surprised! The hotel was fantastic! Extremely clean and well taken care of! The people were so friendly and checking in and out was a breeze! The only down side was that our room was supposed to have a “partial gulf view” it sure was partial! There was a wall right in front of our balcony so we had to take turns standing in the one spot where you could see the gulf, it was by no means a deal breaker though – we weren’t there to stand on the balcony! After getting settled and stopping at the grocery store to get some essentials for dinner, lunch, snacks, etc. we fell asleep! Who new baseball would also take so much out of you! We woke up the next morning at 5:30 am thanks to our early bedtime! After waiting a few hours and eating some breakfast we headed to the beach & pool to soak up some sunshine! It was such a nice day out & I managed to even out my farmers tan! After we had successfully gotten our tan on it was time to eat some lunch and get ready for the rest of the birthday festivities! First up was miniature golf! It was a coincidence that there was a mini golf course right across the street & the birthday boy LOVES golf!

After the game we headed to dinner at Island Way. It was a beautiful restraunt located on the water in a marina and SO DELICIOUS! There was not one thing I would change (except the wind! it is SO windy on the gulf!) We ate outside on the deck, they had heat lamps and strings of white lights across the top! We had the ahi tuna and crab cake app. our dinners came with a great salad and warm bread.

Sea bass with king crab and wasabi mashed potatoes

Mahi mahi with a coconut curry and rice - this was the signature preparation, there was more to it I cant remember.

We ended the night with a trip down to the water & then headed to bed since we had to be up at 7 to get on the road by 8:30 since I had to be back to babysit. Over all it was a fantastic birthday celebration and mini vacation!


So much for starting up again in January….I seem to have commitment issues when it comes to blogging. That doesn’t really make  much sense since my reader is jam packed with all kinds of blogs I love to read! However, now that I’ve downloaded this WordPress app in my phone I think staying on top will actually happen!

I’m looking into my first goal of the new year….running a half marathon! Hopefully I can find one before the temps start crawling up into the 100s. Lots of things are happening in lella land – some things I cannot share yet but I will as soon as I can, it is it its own category of living & learning!

We just got back from a mini birthday vacation in Clearwater Beach, FL! Pictures to come!

Coming home..


We made it back wednesday at 3am! Just missed a snow storm up north, thank goodness! I’m very happy to be back in Florida. I just wish it would stop being so cold here too! Where are the 70s?? Eh, well, cant complain toooo much…it’s still better than 2 feet of snow!

As soon as we got back it was straight to bed because thursday it was straight back to work. I’m very glad we did all our laundry before we headed home, I havent even had a chance to unpack yet! Everything is in a huge jumbled pile on the floor….tomorrow (well, technically today) I dont have to be at work until 8:30pm (one of my jobs is retail, its spring floorset) So that leaves all day to get organized!

My legs are itching to go on a run & I have not had the chance to go yet! Tomorrow I plan on knocking out however many miles my legs feel like going 🙂 Can’t wait to try out my new lululemon shorts!!

Happy New Year!

I’m a little behind

How about some roasted banana cupcakes with honey cinnamon frosting?

We’re still up north in PA. NYC was supposed to be today but we decided it would not be to much fun to walk around while it was SNOWING! So we stayed here & had a relaxed day….then went to the outlet mall….there may have been a coach cupcake key chain I just “had to have…”

On Wednesday we went to Philadelphia & FROZE our toes off walking around the city! It was a lot of fun even if I really couldn’t feel my toes! We saw the liberty bell & ate dinner at the hard rock cafe. I wanted to eat at the vegetarian place we passed (that looked amazing!) but I would have been majorly out voted…I did find the lululemon store!! I’ve never seen one before or any of their products. After contemplating buying the run:speed shorts forever I was very excited they had the pair I wanted to order & the were on SALE! Woo!

Dave took some awesome pictures of the city at night but they are on his camera & he forgot the cord….

We are crossing our fingers for NYC on monday. It’s supposed to continue to snow tomorrow but monday is looking perfect, sunny and 35! haha…

I can’t wait to get home to single layers of clothing & some nice running weather!


A New Year…


It’s been a little while, once again…I have a baking blog now! So all the cupcakes & sweet treats will be over there! Although, there might be some BIG changes in the near future for both my little blogs!

Merry Christmas everyone!! I cant believe another year has gone by! I’m very excited to start a new year though!
I have a few goals for 2011…
1. Run a half marathon!  The ragnar relay proved to me that I can deffinatly do it! I need to get over my fear that i’m not going to make it, I will! There is one in feb that I hope to be ready for!
2. Run another RAGNAR! This relay was SO MUCH FUN! I cannot wait to do another! Central FL was my first one and I learned a lot! I cant wait to do another one so I can incorporate all the things I learned and have an even better time!! It’s all about HAVING FUN & GOING FOR A RUN!
3. Save up for a road bike! The HF Triathalon is in October & I WILL be participating this year!

The boy & I are heading up north again on the 2nd. Its going to be FREEZING! I will have to take 10 days off…no gym & no outside running, Its just not safe to run when its snowing, esp for someone from FL in capris and plain running shoes. Last year I tried and fell HARD…i’d rather take time off and enjoy the trip than get hurt.

Speaking of the trip….Santa (aka the boy) delivered a J.Crew peacoat under my tree for NYC! There might have also been a ZoeChicco tiny initial necklace under there too!

I was just informed its bed time…gym at 6:30am! Lunch with Grammy, dinner with my bff, and going out with friends! Phew!